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Anatomical Donation Program

"Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae"

The purpose of this web site is to emphasize the importance and the need for the study of human bodies in medical schools as a prime requisite for medical education, and to answer questions most often asked by those who wish to aid medical education in this manner. Knowledge of human anatomy obtained through dissection is an indispensable part of the education of health care professionals.

The reasons why many persons wish to make their bodies available to medical schools for the promotion of anatomical study and teaching are numerous and compelling. All of us are the final beneficiaries of the knowledge gained by the students, physicians and researchers. Prospective donors correctly believe that their contribution is central to the education of the physicians of the future and thus to the better care of patients.

Obviously, the decision to donate one's body for use in medical teaching and research is one which should not be made hastily but rather should be based upon sound reasons and convictions. It is recommended that one who is considering such a donation discuss it with their family, physician, attorney, and/or clergyman. Failure to make wishes known to others can end up defeating all arrangements made by a donor because it is less likely that a deceased person's wishes will be executed in a timely enough manner by survivors who have not been informed of their loved one's desire for anatomical donation.

Rembrant's Anatomy Lesson